Bridesmaids. Review

You may only recognise her as Brahbrah from Flight of the Conchords or even from one of her Saturday Night Live skits, but Kristen Wiig is set for stardom this year and that’s purely thanks to the ridiculously hilarious Bridesmaids.

Directed by Paul Feig, the film focuses around a set of bridesmaids whose actions and methods make for an uneasy wedding.  Wiig plays as Annie, the lovelorn, downbeat star of the show.  Her best friend Lillian is getting married and as maid of honour, she’s set to impress.  However, she has to handle Lillian’s new ‘special’ acquaintance Helen, played by Rose Byrne, whose extremely friendly personality and impressive work bests Annie’s efforts.

It’s a comedy with depth, managing laughs alongside the struggle of Annie’s life.  The characters are superb, each carrying their own weight for diverse gags.  Melissa McCarthy plays the disgusting, manly Megan and she manages to pull off such a effortlessly rude character.  You really wouldn’t have thought this was the same actress who plays Sookie in Gilmore Girls.  Kristen Wiig manages to pull off the funniest scenes, leaving viewers in stitches.

It was heralded as being The Hangover ‘for women’ before it’s general release but Bridesmaids is much more than that.  It delivers great lines and scenes, whilst managing to maintain a certain depth to it.  It still manages a large amount of slapstick as particular scenes will be burnt into your memory.  Take for instance, the wedding dress scene…and that’s all that can be said about that.

Bridesmaids at it’s core does indeed cater to women but it does have a much larger appeal.  It’s an approachable comedy on all fronts.  That’s what most comedy is.  Approachable.  It may be an extremely crude film, but it at least it has some heart to go with it.  So, if you’re looking for a worthy comedy this year, look no further than Bridesmaids.

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