Panels of the Week – Four

Well, this past fortnight has proved that it’s the X-books which reign supreme.  It’s been mentioned before, but Schism is turning into one hell of an event which will ultimately provide X-fans a neat array of different teams.  The third issue in the event really pulled things together and a good old fashioned dispute between Cyclops and Wolverine is always welcomed.

Even the main X-Men title seemed fresh.  Issue 16 had some great, traditional elements.  Two teams get together (along with their respective major villain), and get sent through time.  It’s always a nice little set up and when it’s done with the correct writing and clean art, it’s a plus.

Uncanny X-Force still manages to be my favourite X-title at the moment though.  Remender is one of my favourite writers of this year.  It will be interesting to see where the title goes when the teams get split up after Schism.  I haven’t found Deadpool this amusing since Nicieza was managing him.

Anyway, onto panels.  Next time, I’ll be checking out the first week of the New 52.

Daredevil #02
Waid / Rivera

Ultimate Comics – Ultimates #01
Hickman / Ribic

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #01
Eastman / Waltz

The Mighty Thor #05
Fraction / Coipel

X-Men #16
Gischler / Molina

Uncanny X-Force #13
Remender / Brooks

X-Men; Schism #03
Aaron / Acuna

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