Top 2012 Stuff – Television

3. Louie


Louie has always been a solid television show with some real humour, but the third series excelled itself with a stellar finale, which showed that there’s more to the comedian than just a couple of laughs.  C.K. manages to inject comedy based around his own experiences, which often means he’s left in the most awkward situations, which also hits home for most audiences.  This series also featured quite a few guest appearances from C.K.’s close friends, further improving the formula that makes Louie one of 2012’s best comedy shows.

2. Adventure Time


Cartoon Network’s flagship animated show has always been superb, but then 2012 was the year when the cartoon managed to reach new levels of humour, horror and heartfelt emotion.  The creators put forth some truly memorable episodes this year, which focused on the back story of some of the main characters.

The Ice King and Marceline episode ‘I Remember You’, was an emotional tale of how two characters once shared a strong bond, hundreds of years ago.  It was sad, sweet and one of the stand-out episodes of the entire series.  ‘I Remember You’ is an example of how Adventure Time can encapsulate wonderful storytelling in just ten minutes.  If you haven’t already jumped onto Cartoon Network’s best cartoon in years then do so, you butt-chicken.

1. Breaking Bad


Yes, unsurprisingly enough Breaking Bad manages to retain the number one spot for a second year running.  Even though we’ve only received eight episodes of series five so far, it has still managed to grab audiences in a manner which no other show seems to achieve.  The strengths in Breaking Bad lie in the characters, their development, the dark humour, the soundtrack, the fantastic storytelling and of course, the way it’s beautifully shot.

What’s in store for the show?  Well, you just can’t tell with Breaking Bad.  They’ve adopted the use of flash-forwards this time round, which effectively sets up the viewer with intrigue and excitement for the second half of season five, which is set to hit television screens in spring 2013.  Oh, and if you’re looking for one of the best cliff-hanger’s this year, look no further.  Bitch.

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