Top 20 Films of 2014

Based on UK theatrical and festival release dates, here are the Top 20 Films of 2014.


20. Starred Up

Director: David Mackenzie // Link to trailer

When describing Starred Up, it can be defined with one word; visceral. However, it is also violent, realistic and unashamedly British. Rising star Jack O’Connell is Eric Love, a 19 year-old with a short fuse. Due to being too dangerous for a youth offender’s prison, Love is transferred to a different jail, where his father is kept. Through the help of therapy, Love tries to settle in with his new inmates, but the volatile relationship with his estranged father is too much to handle. O’Connell’s performance might be one of the toughest roles of the year, as Starred Up is unquestionably raw, explosive and of all things, not to be sniffed at.


19. Locke

Director: Steven Knight // Link to trailer

Steven Knight’s Locke follows one tense and emotional evening for Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy), who is a dedicated family man and construction worker. Shot from the confinements of his car (with a few traffic cutaways), Ivan Locke has a secret that will drastically affect his livelihood. Whilst the film’s narrative structure isn’t purely original, it is carried by the weight of the charismatic Tom Hardy, who finally sheds the tough persona we’ve seen in some of his recent work. Locke is a gripping film, and it’s a testament to Tom Hardy’s talent, as he can keep you enthralled and invested in the movie, despite the surroundings. For a brilliant character performance, look no further than this.


18. Obvious Child

Director: Gillian Robespierre // Link to trailer

Robespierre’s directorial debut managed to impress this year, with a movie that tackles the sensitive subject of abortion with maturity, wit and compassion. As aspiring comedian Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) recovers from an emotional break up, a one-night stand results in an unwanted pregnancy. Suddenly, the twenty-something has to deal with the threat of adulthood looming over her directionless life. It’s a breakthrough performance from Jenny Slate, who is joined with a great cast, superb writing and a movie that surprisingly feels authentic. It’s an inventive take on the genre, and it’s about time a film such as this should feel genuine, as it abolishes stereotypical female leads, all whilst maintaining poignant tone.


17. Life Itself

Director: Steve James // Link to trailer

Renowned documentarian Steve James recounts the extraordinary life of film reviewer Roger Ebert, with an affectionate and truly personal film. Shot during his last moments, Life Itself explores the wonderful life of Ebert, touching upon several aspects, such as his peculiar relationship with the late Gene Siskel. Life Itself is a fantastic way of recognising and remembering one of the greatest cinematic staples of our time, without being overly sentimental. Roger Ebert’s life is an inspiration to many, and this film ranks as being the best documentary of the year.


16. The Raid 2

Director: Gareth Evans // Link to trailer

Gareth Evans blew audiences away with his brutal, gut-wrenching Indonesian film; The Raid: Redemption back in 2011, but this year saw the release of its sequel which surpassed the qualities of the first. The Raid 2 follows the skilled Rama, who is set to uncover the corruption within his own police force. Set only moments after the first movie, The Raid 2 dials the action up to eleven, with jaw-dropping fight sequences and outstanding choreography.  If there’s one stand-out character in the action genre this year, it’s the deaf-mute Hammer Girl.


15. Fury

Director: David Ayer // Link to trailer

Starring a great ensemble cast, Fury is set in Germany during 1945, as the allies make their final push behind enemy lines. A Sherman tank led by the hardened ‘Wardaddy’ (Brad Pitt) is out-classed by the Nazi forces, whose firepower and armoury is vastly superior. Along with the new recruit, Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman), Wardaddy’s crew are exposed to the brutality of the SS. Ayer’s film is an unsentimental take on WWII, which is comprised of grotesque scenes and tense action sequences. Thankfully, the film never reaches the jingoism of other recent war movies (see: Lone Survivor), and it excels with its cast (Shia LeBeouf surprising many), and Ayer’s excellent direction.


14. Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat)

Director: Doug Liman // Link to trailer

Now being labelled as ‘Live Die Repeat’, Doug Liman’s science-fiction movie is equally as explosive as it is entertaining. Starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, military officer William Cage (Cruise) gets thrown into an alien warzone, with a seemingly invincible foe. Killed within moments of joining this war, Cage discovers that he’s trapped in a constant time loop, which resets to the preceding day.

Edge of Tomorrow opened to an underwhelming box-office response (perhaps due to the terrible marketing), but Liman’s movie proved to be one the most exciting action flicks of the year, and it further proved that Tom Cruise can be a fantastic lead. It has spectacle, superb concepts and it’s surprisingly funny in places. It’s blockbuster film-making done properly.


13. The Guest

Director: Adam Wingard // Link to trailer

Adam Wingard’s The Guest is destined to be this year’s biggest cult hit, as it boasts some incredible one-liners, questionable acting, quirky humour and an effortlessly cool synth soundtrack. With an inexcusable US box-office taking of just $280,000, The Guest manages to capture all the classic tropes of 80s thriller/horror movies, with a superb leading role by Downton Abbey’s very own Dan Stevens. It is a pure delight from start to finish, with the final 20 minutes becoming one of the most entertaining and ridiculous sequences of the year. Adam Wingard excels in genre film-making, and The Guest is no exception.


12. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Director: Joe Russo and Anthony Russo // Link to trailer

The Russo brothers managed to transcend the superhero genre this year with The Winter Soldier, which was suspenseful and politically relevant. Loosely based on the critically acclaimed series by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, the film focuses on a dark secret from Steve Rogers’ past, along with the corruption of S.H.I.E.L.D. Full of dazzling visuals and some of the best hand-to-hand combat seen in the superhero genre, Captain America: The Winter Soldier manages to be one of Marvel’s best efforts yet. It takes the genre seriously, whilst managing to entertain and surprise.


11. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Director: Matt Reeves // Link to trailer

Taking place a decade after the events of the first film, Matt Reeves Apes sequel focuses on Caesar’s nation of evolved apes, who are threatened by the occurrence of a small band of human survivors. The film’s themes are based on trust and survival, as the story has a surprisingly captivating hook. Dawn features some of the best motion capture work to date, which is partly thanks to the talents of renowned actor Andy Serkis and even Toby Kebbell.

The film expands brilliantly on its predecessor, by becoming one of the smartest and most entertaining blockbusters of this year. The CGI is cutting-edge, and whilst it blatantly sets up the third Apes movie, there are no concerns considering Matt Reeves is signed on for the sequel.


10. Frank

Director: Lenny Abrahamson // Link to trailer

Perhaps the most thought-provoking movie of the year, Frank is an endearing comedy with a memorable performance from Michael Fassbender. The film follows young musician Jon (D.Gleeson), who finds himself joining an avant-garde band; The Soronprfbs. Quite the eclectic mix of people, The Soronprfbs attempt to record an album and tour. Frank touches slightly upon the subject of mental illness, and it does so quite commendably. It’s an unusual and clever movie, and it’ll leave viewers thinking for weeks.


09. Dallas Buyer’s Club

Director: Jean-Marc Vallée // Link to trailer

Dallas Buyer’s Club is a career best for Matthew McConaughey, starring as the real life Ron Woodroof, whose life was turned upside down during the AIDS epidemic of the 80s. Ostracised by most of his friends after discovering he’s HIV-positive, Ron Woodroof explores alternative treatment for the disease and attempts to best the FDA. The film boasts an incredible performance from McConaughey, along with an eye-opening role from Jared Leto. Dallas Buyer’s Club sports a remarkable story, which manages joy and sorrow into one delightful mix.


08. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Director: Wes Anderson // Link to trailer

Arguably Wes Anderson’s most accessible movie to date, The Grand Budapest Hotel turned out to be one of the most charming pictures of 2014. Elaborately shot with stunning compositions throughout, The Grand Budapest Hotel recounts the story of the great Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes), the concierge of the famed European hotel, who is framed for a murder he did not commit.

It’s the quintessential Wes Anderson movie; offbeat, funny, beautifully shot and wholly sentimental. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a visually engaging movie, and it stands as being one of Anderson’s finest accomplishments to date, in his long list of wonderful and heartfelt movies.


07. The Wolf of Wall Street

Director: Martin Scorsese // Link to trailer

Based on Jordan Belfort’s memoir of the same name, Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street is an incredible piece of work, starring Scorsese’s new go-to actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. Returning to what he’s best at, Scorsese brings forth an R-rated overindulgence of sex, money and drugs. Undoubtedly DiCaprio’s finest role to date, The Wolf of Wall Street also showcased the abilities of Jonah Hill and newcomer Margot Robbie.

Whilst The Wolf of Wall Street isn’t in the same league as Raging Bull, it stands as being Scorsese’s funniest film to date. It’s an outrageous black comedy, which is unabashed and unapologetic with its content, lucidly presenting the depravity of its characters. Jordan Belfort’s corruption is an engaging story, which is superbly written and acted brilliantly. At the age of 72, it appears Scorsese is showing no signs of letting up.


06. What We Do in the Shadows

Director: Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi // Link to the first six minutes

Movies within the comedy horror genre have always struggled to get it right, and 2014 has been no exception. The abysmal waste known as A Haunted House 2 was released, and Life After Beth failed to impress despite everyone involved. However, this fresh and unique take on ‘mockumentaries’ and vampires managed to be 2014’s funniest film of the year.

Following four vampires sharing a house in New Zealand, What We Do in the Shadows embraces the mundane issues of normal everyday human life, whilst mixing elements of the undead into the mix. Not only do these vampires pay rent, finish chores and visit nightclubs, they also antagonise the local werewolves, avoid sunlight and deal with the rigorous diet of human blood.

It’s a fantastic premise, and hilarious from start to finish. The casting is simply perfect, with Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clements having one of the funniest and most memorable lines of the movie. What We Do in the Shadows truly is the first great vampire comedy to grace our cinema screens.


05. Guardians of the Galaxy

Director: James Gunn // Link to trailer

Marvel’s biggest gamble to date, Guardians of the Galaxy took a fairly unknown superhero team and turned into it a box-office success, as it became the 2nd highest grossing movie of 2014. The film follows an unusual team of criminals, who band together to stop Ronan the Accuser from destroying the universe. Despite its generic plot, Guardians of the Galaxy excelled with some of the funniest comedy seen in sci-fi film, a fabulous 80s soundtrack and some of the best casting seen in the genre.

The film boasted a selection of breakthrough characters, who became fan favourites this year, especially the talking alien tree, Groot. Chris Pratt, who also plays the leader Starlord, proved to be the most charismatic leading man of the year.

It was a pleasurable surprise for cinemagoers, as Guardians is arguably Marvel Studios best movie to date. It is the quintessential blockbuster, chock full with awesome CGI, action, comedy and wonderful characters. James Gunn proved he’s a truly capable director, and his sheer attention to detail should be admired. Here’s to the upcoming sequel.


04. Gone Girl

Director: David Fincher // Link to trailer

Based on the best-selling book by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl is another outstanding piece of work by director David Fincher. Starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl tells the story of how one man’s wife goes missing, and how he ends up becoming the number one suspect.

It’s an exhilarating piece of filmmaking, and Rosamund Pike managed to surprise everyone with her role as Amy Dunne, which a career best. Gone Girl has Fincher’s trademark fingerprints all over it, as it’s ultimately stylish, dark and character driven. Somehow, Fincher always brings out the best with the actors he works with, and this film is no exception.

It’s an almost perfect thriller, which really kicks into gear after the first hour. A selection of unsettling scenes really set the mood for the final act, which will leave jaws agape. Gone Girl manages to pick apart various subjects, such as the media, the economy and its effect on marriage, and the fatal flaw in any relationship; dishonesty. It’s an inherently smart thriller, with some captivating performances. It might not be Fincher’s best, but it’s still up there.


03. The Lego Movie

Director: Chris Miller, Phil Lord // Link to trailer

Essentially a feature-length advertisement for the Lego brand, Miller and Lord’s animated masterpiece really resonates with viewers of all ages. The movie follows the hapless Emmet, a construction worker who is mistakenly selected as the prophesied ‘Special’, as it is foretold that he has the gift to thwart the evil and tyrannical Lord Business.

Surprisingly, The Lego Movie stands as being one of the best animated movies in recent years, which is all down to a wonderful mix of talent. It boasted the strongest casting of any film this year too, with 2014’s leading man Chris Pratt, the manliest man Nick Offerman and the acting legend Morgan Freeman, to name some.

It is a beautifully constructed piece of work, and whilst it doesn’t necessarily tread new narrative ground, it still feels fresh and unique. It consists of some great underlying themes, such as conformity and individuality, without it being obnoxiously thrown into the viewer’s face. It manages to appeal to almost everyone, with a heart-warming and thoughtful story, which is brought to life with Miller and Lord’s fantastic direction.


02. Nightcrawler

Director: Dan Gilroy // Link to trailer

Strikingly cool, Nightcrawler is undoubtedly the best thriller of 2014. Starring a gaunt Jake Gyllenhaal, Dan Gilroy’s movie focuses on the subject of crime journalism, and a group of freelance news crews in LA who sell their shocking footage to bidding news stations. Gyllenhaal’s character, the morally ambiguous and manipulative Lou Bloom, is the actor’s most mesmerising performance yet.

Gilroy’s directorial debut is deliciously twisted with its material and Gyllenhaal flourishes as Lou Bloom, and it’s equal in style as it is substance. It’s satirical in nature and as sharp as a razor, as the script never falters with its disturbing content. Of course, it’s primarily character driven, but it’s aided with a decent cast, and a pure visual feast.

As the film progresses, Nightcrawler does a fantastic job of providing some feeling of discomfort, which can be felt during the devastatingly effect final act. The car chase for example, shows Gilroy’s strengths, as cars frantically speed across the LA streets in a frantic sequence, which results in a killer ending.

It is a career best for Gyllenhaal, who has wowed audiences in the past with Donnie Darko, Zodiac and to a lesser extent, Prisoners. The upcoming film Enemy is also another notch on Gyllenhaal’s fantastic filmography. Nightcrawler deserves to be watched, as it’s a no-nonsense, twisted masterpiece.

01. Boyhood

Director: Richard Linklater

2014’s best film was Richard Linklater’s ground-breaking triumph, which is unlike anything else that has been in cinemas this year. Filmed over the period of 12 years with the same cast, Boyhood is about how one six-year old, Mason, grows into adulthood. It’s an incredible piece of film history, which intimately documents the human condition.

Alongside the main lead Ellar Coltraine, the film also stars Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette as Mason’s divorced parents, who assist as the ideal vehicles for Mason’s journey. The film touches upon all those fond memories of growing up; the first romance, Harry Potter, leaving school, family issues, that first drink and of course, discovering what you really want from life.

Despite the technical achievements of Boyhood, the film can still be recognised as a coming-of-age film that really hits all the right notes. It can resound remarkably well with someone, with its several tender moments, its drama and ultimately, its humanity. Linklater hit the jackpot with Coltraine too, who really manages to ground the film with his natural performance.

The late Roger Ebert once believed that films are machines that generate empathy. They allow you to understand and connect with the feelings of a specific character, and in Boyhood, Ebert’s statement has never been more significant. You get a glimpse of one young man’s transformation, which would not be as effective if Coltraine was replaced throughout the years.

It’s not often that you get to experience something like Boyhood. It’s remarkably condensed into its 166-minute running length, and during that time we are treated to moments of real life moments. It’s truly ambitious and intelligent, and it is Linklater’s finest work to date. There’s no doubt that Boyhood will be recognised for years to come.



So there we have it, the top 20 films of 2014. It’s been one hell of a year, and in retrospect there are a few movies which will be remembered for their storytelling and craft for some while. Despite not being in this list, there are a number of other movies that should be recognised, such as the unique horror The Babadook, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and perhaps even the ambitious yet flawed Interstellar. There were a few abominations this year too, such as Ninja Turtles and Tammy, and we have had some unfortunate disappointments. Here’s looking at you, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.

All in all, 2014 was still a great year for film. For a medium that is supposedly dominated by the superhero genre, it’s interesting to see that there’s at least been some diversity, and almost every single one of those superhero films released in 2014 has been received favourably. Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past was a refreshing return to the franchise, and Guardians of the Galaxy dominated the box-office this year. It’s interesting to note that The Amazing Spider-man 2 had a decent take this year, but critics opinion is generally split, so it’s future is still unknown.

2015 is surely set to be an explosive affair too, with the return of several franchises. Jurassic World has a June release, with the new Avengers and Terminator being nearby. Also, there’s that new Star Wars film out in December, if anyone’s heard about it. Having said that, there’s sure to be some amazing films which aren’t massive blockbusters. Here’s to the following year.



Guardians Of The Galaxy, Biggest Blockbuster of the Year?


The tenth instalment in the Marvel cinematic universe, Guardians of the Galaxy, opens in theatres worldwide August 1st. Directed by James Gunn, it is without a doubt the most ambitious project Marvel Studios have ever undertaken and is set to expand the their cinematic universe like never before, opening the sandbox into the vast reaches of space.

Rising star Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill, an American pilot who finds himself embroiled in an intergalactic manhunt after stealing a coveted orb of great power. As he hunted by the deadly Ronan the Accuser, he is joined by some of the most unique characters in comics today; Drax the Destroyer, Gamora the assassin, the anthropomorphic gun-toting Rocket Raccoon and a talking tree named Groot.

With a bit of luck, Guardians of the Galaxy could be the biggest blockbuster movie event of 2014. Marvel Studios have cleverly formulated an exciting mixture of talent for the movie, and they’ll surely waste no time in promoting this new and daring extension to their franchise.

It’s a thrilling time to be a fan right now, as Guardians of the Galaxy is set to change the Marvel universe is extraordinary ways. Heck, it may even turn out to be one of the best superhero movies since The Avengers. Brave words perhaps, but here are 7 reasons why that might be true…

7. James Gunn


James Gunn may seem like a bit of a left-field choice for such a huge sci-fi epic, but considering most of his previous work, it’s apparent that Marvel may have made the right decision in selecting their desired director.

When James Gunn’s directorial debut, Slither, arrived in cinemas it was evident that Gunn was a director who could equally handle comedy and horror all in one magnificent blend. Whilst horror fans greatly enjoyed his b-movie horror, it took four years until Gunn provided cinema-goers with one of the most esoteric superhero movies to date: Super.

The movie divided critics when it came out, and that could be partly due to Gunn’s subversive and arguably inimitable approach to the movie. However, there’s no doubt that Super was strangely entertaining to some, as Gunn proved he was capable of producing a truly absurd superhero piece, which had never been seen before.

James Gunn possesses a unique ability to provide cinema-goers with something that’s a little bit different and more importantly, daring. His older work on the Troma films can attest to this, because they’re truly surrealistic in nature.

It’s evident that Gunn has a decent amount of experience with working on the weird and the wonderful, and Guardians of the Galaxy is sure to be no exception. Just look at his previous work (and maybe, excuse his screenplay for Scooby Doo), and you’ll be assured that Guardians of the Galaxy will truly be a unique movie.

6. Chris Pratt (Star-lord)


Amicable, funny and even attractive, Chris Pratt is on the cusp of becoming a huge star. He’s got the entire package really, and he’s set to finally explode this year. Having played the lead role in The Lego Movie, Chris Pratt will be playing the main character in Guardians of the Galaxy as the cocky outlaw, Star-lord.

Since Star-lord has been brought back into the comic book universe, the character has become a fan-favourite, which is all thanks to his design and effortlessly cool charismatic attitude. Armed with his two Kree sub-machine guns, Star-lord is a master tactician and is also proficient in close quarter combat, making him the perfect leader for the cosmic team.

Having Chris Pratt play the lead role of Star-lord makes perfect sense, because the actor oozes pure charisma. He’s been gravely miscast in the past, but Pratt has recently landed some incredible roles as of late, and he’s displayed brilliant comic timing in NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Pratt has it in him to become a megastar, as he’s proved his worth in Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty and The Lego Movie.

There’s an interesting dynamic to the character of Star-lord, and there’s no doubt that Chris Pratt will capture the cunning and charm of the individual. In the footage seen already he’s giving off that sexy rogue impression, which is sure to be a hit with a few people.

5. The Source Material


Marvel’s comic book series under the same name is currently being written by award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis, but Guardians of the Galaxy was properly revived in 2008, thanks to the perfect sci-fi writing duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

Abnett and Lanning changed the face of the Marvel cosmic universe, and they introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy soon after the epic Annihilation: Conquest series. Fans were treated to 25 glorious issues of the Guardians, as the team established a base of operations in a severed Celestial head, befriended a telepathic Russian dog called Cosmo, and battled against the likes of the deadly Thanos.

The movie looks like it will be borrowing most of its ideas and concepts from Abnett and Lanning’s run on the title, which is good news. Whilst the 2008 series suffered from a lack of sales, Bendis’ current run on the title has become one of the best-selling comics for Marvel – and truth be told, he has managed to revitalise the team in an effectual manner.

The source material for the movie is solid, and Abnett and Lanning provided the great groundwork for the team which we’ll be seeing in this movie. Bendis’ run is also commendable, and he’s helped get the team into the spotlight.

If you haven’t read any of these comics yet, then do so. If the movie turns out to be anything like Abnett and Lanning’s run, we’re in for a huge treat.

4. The Cast


Guardians of the Galaxy boasts one of the most incredible casts of the year, as Marvel have once again managed to pull their usual trick of hiring the best possible actors for their respective roles. They’ve really hit the sweet spot for a variety of geeks, with the cast including Dr Who’s Karen Gillan, Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana, and even the WWE’s Dave Bautista (Boo-tista).

However, along with Chris Pratt, the astonishing ensemble doesn’t stop there. There’s a whole bunch of Oscar nominated actors that will appear throughout the movie, such as Benicio del Toro, Glenn Close and Djimon Hounsou. Seriously, Marvel aren’t playing around with this space epic.

For the stranger roles in the movie, the appropriate voice actors have been cast remarkably well. Bradley Cooper is voicing the expert marksman Rocket Raccoon, and Vin Diesel is voicing the tree-like humanoid, Groot. Vin Diesel is an inspired choice too, because he brought to life the Iron Giant, in Brad Bird’s much-loved animation of the same name.

The film sports the best group of actors in cinema this year, and it will help appeal to a diverse selection of cinemagoers. Make no mistake, Marvel clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to casting. They’ve not got it wrong before, so here’s hoping that their track record stays the same.

3. Rocket Raccoon


Rocket Raccoon first appeared around 1976, and he was created by Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen. The character has starred in a few comics since then, including his own miniseries (which featured killer clowns and deadly unicycles) but it wasn’t until 2008 when the anthropomorphic smart-mouthed raccoon entered the spotlight.

He’s a truly unique and great character, and it’s still somewhat bewildering to think that Marvel are going to eventually have him feature prominently in this big blockbuster. It is without a doubt, the biggest gamble they’ve ever taken, as the success of the movie relies on whether or not Rocket Raccoon is accepted by audiences.

Thankfully, the recent footage that’s emerged online has already won over a selection of people, which is reassuring. With Bradley Cooper lending his voice for the role of Rocket, and with James Gunn having the utmost faith in the character, it’s safe to say that this bizarre conception may pay off – and if it does, Rocket Raccoon will be surely become a pop-culture phenomenon.

Of course, to garner interest for the character, Marvel have recently announced a brand new series written and drawn by the talented Skottie Young, which will surely grab the interest of new and old readers alike. Do check out Rocket’s previous appearances too, you won’t be disappointed in this distinctive superhero.

2. The Merchandise


Unsurprisingly, Marvel plans to absolutely dominate toy shelves this year with a wide range of Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise. Hasbro aren’t wasting any opportunities here either, as the most recent Toy Fair has revealed that there’s going to be a toy for almost everyone.

Along with a whole range of figures that are popular with toy enthusiasts, fans will be to purchase their very own selection of Nerf products as well, including Rocket Raccoon and Star-lord role-play sets. Yes, it appears that Halloween could well be dominated by the Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a staggering thought.

With Lego owning the license for Marvel as well, three Guardians of the Galaxy sets will be due out later this summer. Star-lord’s ship, the Milano, will be receiving a large set amongst others, which will evidently appeal to a lot of Lego and Marvel fans. We truly live in a wonderful time, because fans will be treated to their very own minifigure of Rocket Raccoon.

The fact that the Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t well known hasn’t dissuaded Marvel in the slightest, as their merchandising will be produced by partners other than Hasbro. They’re really going all out for the movie, including a long line of costumes and apparel. It makes perfect sense though, as they’ll want to get this movie by a lot of people.

1. Marvel’s Track Record


Looking back on Marvel Studios history, you can’t help but be amazed by their innate ability to produce genuinely entertaining superhero movies. They haven’t had a major misstep yet, and they’ve arguably changed the genre for the better.

With every casting decision they’ve made, there really hasn’t been a collection of criticism from disgruntled fans. Somehow, they’ve managed an astonishing track record ever since their first movie, Iron Man.

Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength. The Avengers turned out to be the biggest and best superhero movie to date, and their Phase Two movies have been relatively impressive even after the Avengers milestone.

It’s no secret that there’s a lot riding on Guardians though, as it is set to expand the cinematic universe in ways we’ve not seen before. Marvel will be delving into new and exciting territory here, and it’s the boldest move they’ve ever made.

Nonetheless, concerns over this movie should be quelled. Marvel Studios fully embrace their source material, and they’ve turned most of their comic book properties into quintessential blockbusters. Surely the same will happen for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Realistically, it should be amazing anyway, as it’s one of the most inspiring blends of talent seen in some time. Get ready for Guardians of the Galaxy, because it is going to be one of the biggest movies of the year.